11.30 – 12.01

The biggest craft beer festival in Lithuania – VAF 2018: taste, meet – experience!

Purchase tickets in advance  – nearing the event, the price will go up!

What is VAF?

VAF (Vilnius Beer Festival) is the biggest independent craft beer festival that takes place in Vilnius and brings together brewers, craft lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world for a two day celebration of craft culture.


Every VAF visitor must-know:

  • You will receive an official tasting glass at the door, which will allow you to sample all beer with no additional charge.
  • 200 kinds of beer freely available for tasting.
  • 35 breweries.
  • 15 countries.
  • Lectures, tastings, discussions and meetings will take place.
  • Beer and food pairing.
  • VIP lounge zone.
  • 2000 craft enthusiasts in one place.
  • No additional charges on anything except foodtrucks and additional entertainment on sight, such as.: barbers, tattoo artists, beer trainers, you name it.


Festival Working Hours:

Friday (November 30th) 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Saturday (December 1st) 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.


 Who organised VAF?

VAF was crafted and organised by a bunch of beer enthusiasts who gathered forces and were led by two beer sommeliers Vidmantas Čičelis and Ričardas Barakūnas. Both are well-known in Lithuanian and foreign craft beer scenes. The reason behind the event was the longing for a quality event in Lithuania which could be compared to those organised abroad. Of course, a huge thank you goes to sponsors as well, whose help made it possible to bring this dream to life.


What will you be able to experience during VAF?

During VAF you will be able to meet 35 brewers from 15 countries, who will offer their brews for tasting. Each day the brewers will offer a different assortment so you could taste more different beers and form a better opinion, forge friendships and find your favorites. The hangries will be satiated on sight by food trucks offering a variety of dishes. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to join food and beer tastings, listen and participate in lectures, meetings, stories: 2 whole spaces and the main stage will be dedicated to uninterrupted series of craft events.


Will I have to pay extra for beer?

No, you will not have to pay for tasting beer.


What is a VAF tasting glass?

Every visitor will receive a VAF tasting glass with which they will be able to taste every brewers beer free of charge and, of course, keep it for the memories.


What is a VIP ticket?

VIP ticket guarantees admittance to separate VIP Lounge zone, where visitors will be able to chill, relax from festival noise and enjoy free coffee and snacks. Moreover, the VIP’s will have priority admittance to all the tastings.


 What events can I expect to visit during VAF?

The full schedule is coming soon. You can find more information here.


Where can I stay during the festival?

More information on accommodation facilities coming soon. You can check the VAF site for more updates.




Vidmantas Čičelis –  beer sommelier, acquired his certification at the London Institute of Brewing and Distilling, has been educating hospitality industry professionals about craft beer culture for a few years now, created several beer focused projects such as craftlt.com, alausrenginiai.lt, where you can find information on Lithuanian craft beer and breweries.


Ričardas Barakūnas – acquired his knowledge of beer at the Scandinavian School of Brewing and got his beer sommelier certification at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, as well; has been working as a brewmaster for 15 years now, you may also meet him at various beer competitions at the judges’ table. He is also a lecturer at Scandinavian School of Brewing.


Emilija Ferevičiūtė – started her journey to craft world from book publishing, retail and wholesale. Can share an unbelievable story of how a communication specialist joined two beer sommeliers and became one of the first Vilnius craft beer festival organisers and a co-owner of craft beer pub Local Pub in Vilnius. Emilija also was a content creator for websites craftlt.com and alausrenginiai.lt, dedicated to education about craft beer and it’s culture.